Three fun ways to exercise without spending a penny

Exercise without spending a apenny

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Exercise – it’s one of those things that most people either love or hate. Some get an endorphin rush just thinking about it and spend hours every day extolling its virtues, whilst others come out in a cold sweat the second the word ‘gym’ is mentioned.

Most of the time, those who fall into the latter category just haven’t found their perfect form of exercise. The tedium of running for hours on a treadmill doesn’t appeal to everyone, whilst splashing out for a gym membership is also distinctly lacking in attraction for many of those who want to shape up on a budget.

That’s why we’ve put together this list. Giving you three fun and free ways to exercise, we hope it will inspire you to get fit in a way that you actually enjoy without being out of pocket…

Go exploring with your dog

Walking tarmacked streets on a winter’s day with your nose running and rain dripping down the back of your neck is no one’s idea of fun, but getting out and about can still be a great way to get in shape. That’s why we recommend grabbing your dog’s lead and going exploring instead. Use Google Maps to find some nearby open spaces you’ve never ventured around before, preferably with lots of beautiful scenery to buoy your spirits and make walking a daily delight.

Take up hula hooping

If you’d rather stay indoors to exercise, why not invest in a hula hoop to use at home? Yes, it has a tiny initial outlay involved (although most parents will have one laying around already), but you won’t need to spend money on classes or travel elsewhere to practise. Simply wiggle your hips, get your body moving, and try to make doing so a daily part of your routine. Really don’t want to spend any money? Tie in some hula moves to a dance workout around the home! It’s a great way to get your hips moving while listening to music that makes you feel good.

Skip and slim

Last but not least, try to remember the raucous laughter and flushed cheeks that accompanied schoolyard skipping, and then tell us that a jump rope can’t be a fun way to get fit! If you have children, get them involved too. Group games are always enjoyable, as is a little healthy competition when it comes to seeing who can keep going the longest.

What’s your excuse? Get in shape today with these three fun ways to exercise.

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