Three budget ways to achieve your New Year’s resolutions

Budget Friendly New Year's Resolutions

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We all start to feel the pinch financially around Christmas time. While days of gift-giving, partying and indulgence all feel great at the time, we’re often left feeling a little tired, unhealthy and skint after the festive period. What’s more, we often put pressure on ourselves to shape up as part of our plans for the new year, taking out expensive gym memberships and embarking on expensive detox diets to counteract festive overindulgence. This does not have to be the case: the following tips should help you feel refreshed and healthy while saving your all-important pennies.

Ditch the alcohol

This may seem obvious, but cutting out alcohol is one of the cheapest ways to positively impact your health after a few overly boozy weeks. There are plenty of excellent free apps out there which will tell you how much money you save by going alcohol-free, as well as the great impact it has on your insides. Search them out on the app store to give yourself the motivation to forgo your favourite tipple.

Take up running

The temptation to take out a gym membership can be very strong at the start of January, as many gyms start aggressively advertising their services to the overfed masses. However, most memberships do not come cheap, and it is important to remember that exercise can be completely free. Running is a great way to burn off excess calories, and can even be enjoyable once you get into it. Perhaps put some running gear and trainers on your Christmas wish list to give you the motivation to get pounding the pavements come January.

Lower your meat consumption

A great way to detox your body and achieve weight loss goals is to take up a plant-based diet heavy in vegetables and grains. One of the best things about cutting out meat and focusing on being creative with vegetables is that it makes for a very cheap shopping basket. It is also much lower in calories and is even a great way of lowering your carbon footprint.

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