Simple self-care techniques you can do this winter

Winter self care

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Feeling like you’re not looking after your mind and body this winter and missing out on precious ‘you’ time? Preparations for the big season seem to come earlier every year, and when rushing around trying to make sure friends and family enjoy the holidays, it often means the focus is taken off you completely. Maybe you feel like you don’t have time for any wellness activities or you think ‘self-care’ has to accompany a hefty price tag. Don’t worry, this is not always the case! Here are three simple and purse-friendly tips to help you look after the star of the season, you!

Create time to relax

What does relaxation mean to you? Is it relaxing in a bubble bath, reading a book or going for a scenic walk? Sometimes life can feel so hectic you have to carve out space in your day to pamper yourself. Pro-actively thinking about what makes you calm and planning to put some time aside in the day for it can make a difference to your inner emotional state. We can’t completely avoid all stresses in our lives but we can organise the time where we can focus our energy on relaxing pursuits.

Enjoy a hearty laugh

Love to laugh? Who doesn’t? A good belly laugh session can work wonders for your mood and outlook and humour can be found in many parts of life. Whilst it would be fun to attend a comedy night, there are easier ways to get that rush of endorphins. Think of your favourite comedian and find some clips on YouTube for free, maybe you’ll even find some comedians you’ve never even heard of before. Take a chance – call or meet up with that friend that always puts you in stitches and your day might change for the better.

Get creative

Journaling is a cathartic way to express your emotions on paper and find insights into what you’re really thinking. Write about your life, your experiences or simply make something up. Don’t have a way with words? Break out the craft supplies and get drawing, painting or making!

Ultimately, self-care can be low cost and you can use the supplies you already have or can easily find. Try these tips today and discover the difference it makes for yourself!

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