How to lose weight without busting the bank

How to Lose Weight on a Budget

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The festive season can often add a few pounds and many people can come out of the other side with a desire and a resolution to lose some weight. Gym memberships, diets and sports equipment can be prohibitively expensive, however. So how can you lose weight in 2018 without busting the bank?

Wait for the sales

If you really don’t have the kit that you need to start exercising then you should hit the January sales and grab yourself a set of bargain trainers and some cheap running gear. Avoid all of the plastic tat that supposedly helps you to lose weight. You don’t need to waste cash on weights, foam rollers or any other equipment, you just need some suitable shoes and comfortable clothes to get out and do a bit of exercise.

Review your food budget

Your food budget may be tight, but reviewing what you spend and replacing items with others can ensure that you are able to eat better without adding to your bills. Use a process of replacement as you shop. Replace your white rice with brown rice, replace your chocolate bar with an apple and replace your breaded chicken with chicken breasts. These small changes won’t cost you any more, but they will rapidly cut the calories out and ensure that you’re getting a better balance of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Take it slowly

The worst thing you can do to lose weight in the New Year is to dive in headfirst and try to change to a full paleo diet and join a gym. Such dramatic changes are almost impossible to see through to the end because these lifestyle changes are just too great and far too expensive! Instead, you should take it slowly. Gradually improving the quality of food that you eat through replacement and occasionally getting out of the house for a walk or jog will make a huge difference. You should set a target to go for a walk or jog for 30 minutes twice weekly. This is a small time sacrifice and it’ll be easy and free to do. With a little motivation, you’ll start dropping the pounds rapidly and you’ll start to love your exercising escapes too.

If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight in 2018, remember to start slowly and simply. Small health improvements will lead to bigger ones over time and a gradual reduction in weight will be far healthier and cheaper for you too!

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