Good News! Babies don’t have to Cost a Fortune

Babies don't have to Cost a Fortune

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When it comes to babies, many people associate them with being money pits. To some extent it does cost money to have children, as a larger family means more mouths to feed. However there are plenty of ways to save money when you start a family. Here are just a few of them.


Babies and Toys

When it comes to babies the great thing is that they actually require very little. Babies don’t care at all for toys or material items. All they want is for someone to meet their basic needs. So when it comes to entertaining babies you won’t actually need any toys until they are two years old.  And even then your baby will probably be more interested in the packaging than the toy!


Baby Clothing

Another great thing about babies is that there are millions of them around. That means that in one year there will be millions of 1 year olds that no longer need the things that they had when they were babies. This results in a huge second hand market for anything baby-related. So you will need to buy very few brand new items. Items such as furniture and clothing can be purchased very cheaply on websites such as eBay or Gumtree. The chances are you will already know someone with a one year old. They will probably be willing to be liberated of bundles of their old baby clothes in exchange for very little money. Quite often people will give you clothing for free.


Parenting Gadgets

The baby industry is worth millions of pounds so there are always brand new must-have gadgets and gizmos designed to make life easier. The problem is that they usually come at a price. A good piece of advice for prospective parents or parents of new-born babies is not to take too much notice whenever you are told what your baby will need – especially if you are being told by any form of advertising medium. Aside from bottles, a pram and somewhere warm and safe for the baby to sleep you really don’t need anything else. If it didn’t exist in the 1950s then the chances are you don’t need it nowadays.


Entertaining a Baby

When it comes to entertaining a baby, in most cases a simple game of peek-a-boo or a smile will suffice. If this fails, then a walk around the block in the pram or a short car journey will stimulate their mind enough to make them fall asleep. Babies have no desire for material possessions or to be put in front of a TV. A baby – just like children and adults – will be truly happy surrounded with love from his family as well as the great outdoors.


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